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What Others Say

 “[WRG’s focus and methodology addresses] the dire need in the missions community.”
      –    Dr. Stephen Sweatman
            President, Missions Training International

"I do not have sufficient words to thank you and to praise God for all that you and the WRG team mean to us and the service that together we are having in Latin America."
      –    Omar Gava
            Executive Director, Recursos Estrategicos Globales

"You and your colleagues have been given a most needful ministry. I pray that you will be used widely and gainfully."
      –    Dr. David Hesselgrave
            Professor Emeritus of Mission and Past Director of the School of World Mission at Trinity  Evangelical Divinity School

"I believe that WRG has been given a special calling and message that is needed by all expressions of the world missions movement everywhere."
      –    Paul Strand
            Bethany International GO100

"The facilitators blew us away with the delivery of their life and ministry experiences as well as their humility and vulnerable hearts. Mike Mathews, Greg Melendes, Bob Strauss, and George Walker made a deep impact on our team and future ministry and we are so grateful that God brought them into our lives as mentors!"
      –    Amber, writing for Team Vanuatu
            Church Builders and WRG Trainees

Course descriptions

WRG's curriculum is designed to enhance cross-cultural church planting. More >>