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Measuring WRG's Impact

Worldview Resource Group measures its success in part by the following metrics, adapted from the writings of Jim Collins, that are useful for gauging effectiveness in the social sphere.
  1. What is the emotional response of the participants? A striking example of the emotional response generated by a WRG seminar occurred in April 2004 in Argentina. In one session, two days into the seminar, 28 participants fell to their knees in repentant prayer, convinced that God was showing them a better way to minister.
  2. What is the scope of the organization’s excellence? WRG employs specialists in an array of subjects: worldview analysis, cultural anthropology, language acquisition, curriculum design, organizational development, linguistics, translation, church development, communication theorty, contextualtization, chronological Bible teaching. WRG works in diverse locations: Argentina, Albania, Canada, India, Paraguay, etc.
  3. Does the program generate increased interest? 
  4. Does the organization receive an increasing volume of invitations?
  5. Have the principal elements of the presentation changed or influenced the conversation on the subject matter? Worldview analysis and storytelling as ministry tools are spreading as other organizations, particularly those working in Ibero-America, have begun replicating WRG's methods.
  6. Are seminars filling to capacity? Yes.
  7. Are founders, trainers and leaders in the organization held in esteem by their peers? WRG leaders and trainers continue to receive increasing invitations to speak, to serve on Boards, to provide consultation, and to be honored with awards and degrees.
  8. Has excellence been sustained over regions and across generations? While WRG has not yet undergone a generational turnover, its curriculum has certainly stood the test of geography, and has been used in key regions of the Majority World, including Ibero-America and India.

Praise for WRG

Missiologists and participants respond to WRG's work. More >>

Course descriptions

WRG's curriculum is designed to enhance cross-cultural church planting. More >>