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Mark Zook

Originally from Belleville, Pennsylvania, Mark spent 14 years in Papua New Guinea working among the Mouk tribal people. Mark and his wife, Gloria, along with Mouk believers, planted churches among this tribal people (featured in the video, “EE-Taow! The Mouk Story,” - the Mouk journey is graphically portrayed, from a history of murderous sorcery and deceit to a discovery of God's love and an understanding of truth). In addition, Mark has worked as a church planting consultant. Mark and Gloria are co-founders of WRG.

George Walker

For 18 years in Southeast Asia George Walker was a cross-cultural church planter among the unreached Bisorio people, where a local church was established and the Scriptures were translated into the Bisorio language. Subsequently, for the next five years George was the coordinator of a U.S. missionary training center. He has also worked as a church planting consultant in Asia, South America, and the Balkans. For the past seven years George has worked as a training consultant in India, Ibero-America, and among ministries with First Nations peoples. In 2001 George co-founded Worldview Resource Group. He and his wife, Harriett, live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They have two children and three grandchildren.

Robert Strauss

The President and CEO of Worldview Resource Group, Robert has a Doctorate of Missiology from Biola University’s School of Intercultural Studies in Los Angeles, California. Along with George Walker and Mark Zook, Robert co-founded WRG in December 2001. For 30 years he has worked in intercultural training. With his wife Carole he lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where they enjoy hiking and mountain biking. They have two married children, Carrie and Christopher, and five beautiful grandchildren.

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