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Every people group has a worldview--a network of beliefs that makes reality meaningful and determines how people view themselves and relate to others. Worldview assumptions about the nature of reality and relationships are the bases for values--what"ought" and "ought not" to be. They are deeply and emotionally held, shaping identity and expectations. Worldviews affect cross-cultural communication at a fundamental level. If cross-cultural workers ignore worldviews, they do so at the peril of ministry.
Worldviews not only shape how each of us interprets the world, but they provide the very categories into which we place the information we receive. Information becomes meaningless unless it engages the listener’s existing worldview assumptions. And since the worldview of every cultural community is different, church planters must learn to become cultural cartographers. Worldview analysis is part of the larger discipline of culture investigation. Understanding core worldview assumptions, mapping a society's system of categories, takes understanding and skill.
This is where WRG can help. WRG trains church planters to map the collective worldview of any cultural community. Such mapping prepares church planters to poignantly contextualize and communicate God's truth.

Worldview Assessment Analysis

Worldview Matters

The articles below suggest how worldview analysis can transform church planting.

The article below entitled A Worldview Approach is a chapter in a missionary training manual to be published in Spanish for the Latin Mission Movement.